On June 2017, few months before the Harvey Weinstein scandal, we won the pitch for the Kering Foundation. Since 2009 the Kering Foundation combats the violence against women. Every year, they produce a global campaign to raise awareness to help victims to break the silence. This year, we came up with a simple but efficient idea: Remind to every men that they could have been born a girl and be part of the campaign to raise awareness on this global issue. 
Through the ICouldHaveBeen.org website every men from 16 to 76 years old were challenged to reveal their girl name from November 20th to November 25, for the International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women and to share it on their social network. To spread the message further and to involve the genZ on social media, we collaborate with some of their most iconic influencers on Instagram like Z.TAO for the Chinese market, Youtuber Panayotis Pascot in France or the Oscar nominated actor Quinton Aaron for US people.
Agency We Are Social •Year 2017 •My role  Copywriter & Art Director
We've got some good results: 
6,917 mentions around the campaign came from 131 different countries for a potential maximum of 254M impressions through the main social platforms. The #ICouldHaveBeen was an organic trendic topic of conversation on Twitter in France on November 20th.
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